Elegance Hair Wax

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The new generation of ELEGANCE flake-free formula hair wax provides your hair with a firm hold and a workable, natural finish. Push your style to the limit and have the ability to reshape and comb throughout the day with no residue. Elegance Hair Wax is rich in botanicals to protect against hair loss and help reverse damage.

Aloe Vera extract prevents scalp itching, reduces dandruff while conditioning hair for a smooth and shiny look.

Avocado Oil extract prevents hair breakage, reduces dandruff, improves hair detangling while protecting hair from damage.

Keratin reduces the risk of frizz, promotes hair growth, repairs weak or damaged hair, and strengthens hair with color.

Macadamia Oil provides restorative properties to hair follicles known to promote and boost hair growth.

  • Easy to apply and distribute
  • Long lasting hold and shine with refreshing fragrance
  • Excellent quality and flake free formula
  • Reshape and comb throughout the day
  • Washes out easily with water

Size: 140 ml / 4.7 fl oz each

Directions: Dose the amount that you need according to the length and state of your hair into your hands and use fingers to work it well into your hair creating the desired style. Fit with your daily use.